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About Us


Hello Beautiful,

    My name is Kathy Jacobs and my mission from my kitchen is to make the world's best anti aging skincare with natural proven actives  for myself and my friends. 

That's YOU if YOU  are reading this.

 I took my  desire  along with my 

DIY,  baking and crafting skills and mixed them  with countless hours of research, phone calls and emails to suppliers and chemists.

   I  have spent the past 5 years whipping up countless batches of skincare where every ingredient serves a beauty  purpose and there are no fillers.   After numerous versions on each and every formula and conducting  animal tests on myself and my friends (because monkeys and bunnies don't care about wrinkles) my skincare line is now ready to glow! 

   And remember Ladies don't let anyone (including yourself) define your beauty by your age!  YOU are the writer and star  of your movie so write what YOU  want.

  THANK YOU for reading this and stopping by!

xoxo Kathy 


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