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Why I make Beauty Batters

    Did you know us gals over 50 spend the most most on luxury Beauty Products and yet there are no complete luxury, clean, vegan, non animal testing  skincare lines developed with us in mind?  Just google  Beauty over 50 skincare line and you will get countless articles telling you to buy a cleanser form one line, a moisturizer from another, an eye cream from yet another... well you get the picture.   So five years ago I set out  on a mission from my kitchen to make the worlds first  skincare line  for ladies over 50  that met my standards by formulating countless batches of each and every product in my line and testing it on myself and my friends over 50.  

      Why can't 50 be sexy, trendy, fun and relevant?   Who gets to decide it isn't?  There are body positive ads  why not age positive ads?  Beauty is a mindset and so many women tell me they are old at 50,  that's nuts!   My mission is not only to sell amazing Beauty  products but build a brand that changes the perception of  beauty in women over 50 by both themselves and the world.


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